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Travel & Events have never been closer: Let them Tie the Knot!

As an event professional, you are probably traveling on a regular basis whether it is for business or for leisure. Have you ever taken a step back to recall HOW you prepared your trip? Could you figure out how many aspects of the inner parts of travel planning are similar to the events’? ◉ People & Purposes … Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: it’s official! Joining BWIE as a volunteer CM

about the author ▀ Laura Bazile

I am an experienced Project Executive with a proven track record of success developing projects combining corporate communications and technical skills.
▄ Assets : team player positive person, conducted operations leading to successful trade shows overseas.
▄ Skills : expert in CMS management, key contact between external suppliers and in-house team so as to optimize processes and implement development solutions.
▄ Approach : excellent customer relationships acquired in a b2b environment added to the ability to think globally.

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