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One Day at International Confex

As an event professional, I choose to attend events, conferences, meetings, webinars, training sessions or any type of events that would feed my professional knowledge, that would come as an interesting place to network and to meet professionals of all kinds, especially those I wouldn’t have in mind in the first place. I am not … Continue reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: it’s official! Joining BWIE as a volunteer CM

about the author ▀ Laura Bazile

I am an experienced Project Executive with a proven track record of success developing projects combining corporate communications and technical skills.
▄ Assets : team player positive person, conducted operations leading to successful trade shows overseas.
▄ Skills : expert in CMS management, key contact between external suppliers and in-house team so as to optimize processes and implement development solutions.
▄ Approach : excellent customer relationships acquired in a b2b environment added to the ability to think globally.

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Laura Bazile