One Day at International Confex

One Day at International Confex (report by Laura Bazile - SocialRendezvous©  As an event professional, I choose to attend events, conferences, meetings, webinars, training sessions or any type of events that would feed my professional knowledge, that would come as an interesting place to network and to meet professionals of all kinds, especially those I wouldn’t have in mind in the first place. I am not an innate networker (kudos to those who master this task). Still, I have learnt how to include it in my professional life. In the end, it becomes a no-brainer as I do my home work. Otherwise, attending a show would be a waste of time, wouldn’t it? For me, a good preparation comes with A- know why I am attending B-know who I am going to meet (by appointment / by invitation / during the show). Period. In the middle, you would always get the opportunity to have unexpected and wonderful encounters.

My day at International Confex could be summed up as follows:

GOOD INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY Offering interactive tools such as connectors to ask questions directly to keynoters is not only creative. It is smart as well. A good presentation run by valuable speakers must come with natural conversation flow. Here is when technology could become interesting, barely self-centered. We (keynoters and attendees) had a great moment of sharing around the “New Rules of Event Technology” presentation. When interaction time arose, we ALL had the opportunity to ask questions, I mean “we”, eg. the audience, real people in the room. The idea was also to give the facilitator a global view on attendees’ questions then let the speakers freely express their various points of views around the topic. This was an excellent example of integrating “small digital solutions adding value” to the event, as often suggested.

GOOD CONVERSATION The wide range of keynotes allowed me to spot events I would be able to attend between two business meetings. Still, I did not have the frustrating feeling of missing something. Probably because the conversation around main topics was catchable in cross events all through the day.

GOOD PERSPECTIVES I have been enchanted to discover and stop by stands run by event stakeholders embracing the idea that the green approach is a must for this industry. Directories, labels, awards … offer huge business opportunities and should be fully integrated in event management process. Not for the trendy side of it. Simply as one of the available options.

GOOD APPROACH OF EDUCATION Education took the centre stage during International Confex. The presence of dedicated corporate associations developing programs, available for those wishing to improve their skills proved how learning is essential either online or face-to-face. The impact of technology on the event industry also redesigns the shape of its education scheme. It means that your role (position) eg. as an Event Manager would evolve steadily not because of technology, but thanks to it. Hopefully.


–Note to the reader: this review was written as part of my blog and of my research (no sponsorship involved).


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