I chose to start SocialRendezvous© the day I answered yes ! to what is following:

Define goals, create means
I am a Project Executive, working in the (b2b) events business for 8+ years. I am in the process of moving forward to reach the next level in my career.

Need a showcase or find the accurate tool to make the difference
Answering “yes” to the “do you have a blog?” question is not the point. Creating an useful tool (plus you are good at) is the correct target. Later on, you will need/create/be involved in face-to-face contacts. Having something to say or “personal branding is a full-time job”?. Well, it is the hardest part. I picked up a fitted tool to do it well, keeping in mind that “the exercise” itself is an asset for the future.

Love writing
In my job, I have to write on a daily basis. Putting it more «personal» : writing and reading are 2 assets I can rely on eg a few words about “the next big thing”, a quote, feedback from recent professional experience and …. creating connections that way.

Love sharing vs hating the «take-and-go» internet thing
Social media define new trends and new habits in communications, marketing and research. It does not mean that you can do anything : copy and paste existing articles, never saying thank you to new connections, buying a bunch of connections … these are basic tricks to avoid. Plus (which is worse), readers will guess easily.

Networking is a key” “Keep on learning from the internet
These are not quotes, of course. They are what I include in my professional scheme.