Travel & Events have never been closer: Let them Tie the Knot!

As an event professional, you are probably traveling on a regular basis whether it is for business or for leisure. Have you ever taken a step back to recall HOW you prepared your trip? Could you figure out how many aspects of the inner parts of travel planning are similar to the events’?

◉ People & Purposes
Events are built for people wishing to meet people : whether it is from the exhibitor side or the visitor side, the goal remains reaching the right audience in the right place.

2013-12-25 13.43.38

When it comes to travel planning the core reason is definitely the same. When visiting a country, what is essential is the quality of connections you would rely on, whether it is for visiting or learning about what it is typical or not-to-be-mi(e?)ssed (food, places, discovering spots that are off the beaten track …). To put it short: how to use your time wisely. For events professionals, this is called ROI.

◉ Experience & …
Any event professional would have in mind what attendees will go back home with. First you have to deliver the perfect event. In fine, a true successful event experience takes meaning if people feel they go back home with something they have been missing before the event. Your event would definitely be THE place where they found connections, business opportunities they were looking for.

The traveling checklist results requires the same rigour. A new language, unexpected places, a different lifestyle, these are the things you will go back home with. Not that you were not aware of it before your trip, my point is that you would plan to get the most out of it, wouldn’t you?

These experiences in “new environments” have never been closer.

… Satisfaction Guaranteed
As an event planner, get fully-booked conference rooms, well-designed event that make the experience unique is a no-brainer. Lay back, imagine for a couple of seconds attendees’ perception of “your” event once it is over. My point is that you must treat them well because they will only remember anything that went wrong. What went right will come as expected, not specifically to be spoken about.

Event data is not something event planners would spare time for. Although it is essential. I am not pretending that event planners are not aware of event data existence, I found out that they won’t know how to deal with it for future events. Collecting key information eg. where/when attendees interact the most? why? what would be kept -or- avoided in the future? must be included in any event planning schedule.

The link I am making here with travel lies in short satisfaction surveys anyone would get right after a trip with {add name} airline or following a stay at {add name} hotel. The impression I got from these customer service contacts is that {add name} airline or {add name} hotel will stay in touch with me … offering the same service! Got it. Would I also get extra services? things I did not get on my first trip? still, what will enhance the next one?

In conclusion, the “experiential” approach should be the perfect reason to combine travel and events scopes and then take the most out of it.



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