Integrated Social Media Strategy is the Best Combination for Event Success

Integrated Social Media Strategy is the Best Combination for Event Success by Laura Bazile - SocialRendezvous© Here are 3 inner reasons proving it …
An event is also a COMMUNITY
Hidden behind one’s screen, any professional, whatever huge his/her legacy of expertise is, wishing to do business would have to meet potential customers face-to-face. Events remain key opportunities where things could happen. In today’s event industry, social media have tremendously transformed “ways” to reach targeted audience.
One thing would always be true: people gathered for an event should belong to a community and feel they share common interests. Social media (r)evolution allows event organizers to build (online) communities coalescing around the quality of their event and the message they would convey.
➽ In other words, “spread the word” is coherent when stating online why an event is the place-to-be for a specific audience.

An event is also a BRAND
This is where the notion of ‘brand’ becomes a step not to be missed. Shouting to the world that your event is the one must come with invaluable content online.
➽ In other words, potential attendees or keynoters would evaluate online the relevance of your message, more specifically if they feel that the event itself is mastered and presented as a brand meeting their requirements.

An event should bring ROI
Time spent at an event would be capitalized via what attendees will take advantage of e.g. networking, new customers or prospects, trends’ overview, perspectives of business development … I can hear you: “time is money“. Absolutely. Time is money for event attendees and for event organizers as well.
➽ In other words, time spent building (event) social media strategy would be the best asset relevant stakeholders would rely on during the event preparation itself.

Now, move back, select mentally (or from your inbox) a major event you are invited to and try to answer to these 3 questions in less than 5 minutes:
✔ which community is this event dedicated to ?
✔ is this event a sort of “brand” I could refer to within my professional environment ?
✔ would this event potentially let me carry out (at least at short-term) ROI ?

Event organizers taking their preparation time seriously would integrate these 3 into their social media strategy.
Hence, in the event invitation you have just received in your inbox …

Found one?



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