Our Social Rendez-vous

— Today
As a Communications & Event Executive (bilingual French English), I can use in-house CRM/CSM systems to manage online content. I create, proofread and produce promotion literature for both offline and online communications. I am dedicated to projects, from concept to completion, plus post campaign/event analysis. Copywriting, proofreading, social media activities’ implementation, to name a few of my skills.

— Tomorrow
Do I have my finger on the pulse when it comes to the creative scene? Do I already run a blog and wouldn’t mind making it a job out of it? The answer is double yes! Talented professional, I gained a significant experience in b2b projects. My duties encompass projects’ management and development, in cooperation with stakeholders and teams. I keep an eye on technology-driven businesses and communication. I enjoy being in charge of projects or of a clients’ portfolio, search and find solutions, succeed in taking the right decision so as to bring results.

— The future …
International b2b events in wines & spirits, healthcare, IT, diversity & inclusion are projects I have been involved in. Arts, interior design, architecture, digital mix are areas I have a passion for.

Events Coordinator/Manager
“events industry is redefined by social media”
Communications & Event Executive
“feed social networks and use online solutions wisely”“mixing offline and online solutions”… “keep your users informed about what is going on”
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