Infusing social media into events : 3 experiences, 1 goal

When it is time to initiate social media use for events and exhibitions, we all have thumbs up. When it is time to integrate online social tools that will nurture the lifecycle of an event, we hardly imagine how different and close (our) perspectives can be.

Perspectives? which perspectives? the 3 counterparts’ of an event scheme, e.g. the event organizer‘s + exhibitors‘ + attendees‘. These 3 are definitely living 3 different experiences aiming at 1 single goal.

╔From the event organizer’s perspective
As a professional, you keep abreast of which new technologies your event can take advantage of while serving your clients wisely. The difficulty will not lie in adding a social tool, it is going to be : choosing the right tool (benchmarking and dedicated team are essential), defining strategy (a global strategy or a frame as we all know that 8 social tools are born every minute while another 5 died at the same time), capitalizing on where your clients might be online and why; in other words listening to your audience and make them feel that they are a valuable community.

╠From the exhibitor’s perspective
Unless you have been living on a deserted island for the past years, if you plan to book a stand as an exhibitor, you will look online for details about the event, its organization and the opportunities that might arise from (your) investment. What must be a plus is let alone buzz around the event itself, added to valuable content you may get online. In other words, this content will be available there for your AND for (your) potential attendees.

╚From the attendee’s perspective
Based on the zeitgeist that exists in today’s communications channels, a potential attendee to an event will rely on what he/she can get online: keynotes, networking and business opportunities … in other words what makes “this” event a “not to be missed”.

You got it right, the 3 players here have their own perspectives strictly dedicated to 1 single goal: a successful event which MUST be a social place.

This article is posted on Black Women in Europe(™) blog where I have the pleasure of guestblogging as a regular columnist.
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