ABC digital scheme for (traveling) events prof.

Events industry has grasped the whole dimension of social media impact on typology of actions, conducting projects, plan execution, business, communications.
Adopting new habits should not be a problem, especially if challengers, competitors and clients already do. Moreover, we recognize in every little action the “green” aspect of “launching e-invitations” or planning what is essential to the event.

Traveling overseas for business on a regular basis, I figured out that what I need is to know “where” to find data whenever I need to rely on it and/or to spread the word around a specific topic. If the paper format is no longer “the” reference tool, we (events prof.) must be able to refer to the accurate fact sheet, to reach the person in charge or simply to hand out the right document during an onsite meeting.

Here is my ABC digital scheme I am thrilled to share with you:
A/ my laptop – all saved on an external hard drive why? my laptop is personal so I can not afford to mix everything.

B/ my work environment – I just copy and paste useful documents in Google Drive (used to be Google Documents) why? I keep strictly the same display I use on a daily basis. Very savvy! added to a Dropbox dedicated account why? very easy-going, I can delete it whenever I want and/or update content.

#good2know iPhone users, download docs on app to read them directly, even without the help of a network connection.

C/ my personal environment as I am traveling – all saved in Evernote why? application is very “visual” hence it is a precious tool when you need to go fast.

This is it! The perspective is to get what you need during a short period of time so set it hassle-free and make it going through … as simple as possible, without overlooking top notch security options.


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