Communities’ secrets you will tell your best friend about

In recent contribution to BWIE™, I chose to define online communities in key points: making things clearer about what you may look for on joining a community, pitfalls to avoid if you (could be with a business partner) are planning to create yours.
Grasping the essence of an online community might appear crystal clear, once you jump in, but the real challenge remains keep on abiding by, needless to add finding yourself comfortable enough to go along with it and refer to “that” online community.

We are on the same page: it is all about interaction, isn’t it? Anyway, in which situation, you will alter your view regarding your “favorite” online community?

#cross boundaries
An online community might choose to redefine its profile: you might not feel completely at ease immediately but one thing is sure you will get answers to your questions “from” the community manager (owner). Official announcements, targeted posts, tools do exist to let members get the message accurately.

An online community might add a few paying services to its array of resources. Above all, there is no obligation if it was not mandatory, once you joined. It can definitely add value, as YOU are the one deciding what is relevant for you.

#calling for your help
An online community might ask you to suggest members that may be interested in. Why not? Especially, if that type of request is made out properly and … please, I do not want to “win an Ipad/great voucher”… for this! Above all, recommending my favorite online community to others might not be immediate but definitely within the bounds of a trustful relationship.

An online community shares some features with events, specifically because it is a place where people meet. Where there are people sharing values, the rules are inclined to be comparable. It is not biased to imagine that if you come across the same situation in an “event” context, you will probably speculate about the same items. An event launching (new) services, the latter polling to get your feedback, attendee asking for referral … all of this must be tempting enough to let YOU think about it.

Tell us about significant hint(s) in one of your favorite online communities and (surprising) consequences on your activity/work/business?



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