Defining your community (ies) in 10 key bullet points

When it is time to jump into an online community, there are a few questions for whom answers must be “yes” or you take the risk either to be denied membership or simply go hunting to find out any good reason -once you joined, to stay:

1. An online community is a group of people, not ONE person doing self-promotion.
2. An online community should create synergy combined with energy.
3. An online community must stipulate common goal(s).
4. An online community must clearly tell what it is all about, thus provide accurate content.
5. An online community should have amongst its members a recognizable leader/manager, added to a team of moderator(s) if necessary.
6. An online community must be able to evolve, take drastic decisions for its own well-being and communicate about it.
7. An online community should hit the right buttons when it is time to boost its activity.
8. An online community should provide advice based on expertise, not on business options only.
9. An online community should publish reports.
10. An online community is vibrant and challenging!

As a member, the point is not to be there just to be there, it is more to refer to this group of people/online community when applicable, not to be afraid to ask questions, to get answers from other members or simply by reading accurate posts. Linking to the event industry, we can afford to imagine that during a show, you actually share the room with peers, in other words, members of your “community”. I have the feeling that you must keep in mind the same demanding requirements stated above, if you want to take profit of the event you are participating in or visiting.

Are you thinking about other essential point that an online community must unveil as soon as you jump in?

Plus, is it fair to argue that an online community should permit itself some cross boundaries as a window to the world outside? This is the topic I would love to share about and get your comments on, via my next post.



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