Let the screen reveal who you are!

Thinking about when I first stepped into social media, I realized that it was meant to happen, essentially triggered by my passion for new technologies. Going further, I take and give there what I choose to.
I meet amazing people on an international scale and keep on learning and sharing everyday…
Re-thinking about the impact on my professional life, on how I interact with people for business, how I network, I drew mentally a map out of the various types of profiles I encountered:

Anonymous profile:
No picture, no activity or if there is, it is useless and/or at no point. Run!

I accept all invitations profile:
A little bit pushy according to me. It means that you do not even care about what one can bring to an other? What is the point?

Guru profile:
Generally named after “Mister-online community”, granted with zillions of contacts and obviously having the answer to the question you never asked.

You must accept me profile:
… or (very) bad things will happen! Sorry but … no! I run just because I choose to spare time on what can be efficient and valuable …. for both sides.

Lazy profile:
“Hey, do you have a job for me!?” Hey profile! Before throwing this, take the time to at least look over the profile of the person you are interested in and HOW this person can help you.

Real profile:
That person obviously reads and/or asks questions, then creates the connection; next time we will speak, we will have things to share/go through/comment upon… just like in real life.

I can’t help but linking with the industry I am working in, eg the events industry where the essence of your work is to make people meet. Going further, attending an event (as a delegate) or gathering the budget to be part of the show as an exhibitor means planning to meet people for business via a dedicated social media strategy. Once this done, you will go towards/invite/get in touch with people you share values with, assuming that you know who they are, just like in a party or any social situation, basically.

My purpose here is not to blame anyone or laugh at any specific behavior. Quite easy to recognize the guy who masters his art, is passionate, brings something to the table. No offense and I love that! On the other hand, I can’t see any good reason to say “no” to someone who just steps in and is asking for a piece of advice. Why not? when it worths it, needless to add that I have in mind when I did it earlier and got great tips from amazing people. Plus, I know that I keep on learning, each and everyday.

The point is closer to “stop hiding behind your screen”! I have great discussions with people, on a global scale, people I could not have reached a few years ago and it happens thanks to social media. I learn how to focus, to give my opinion, to share experience, to go straight to the point when creating a connection, all of this, thanks to social media.

The more rewarding part is when you feel, behind the screen, involvement, expertise, sense of humor as well, …. just like in a party or any social situation, basically.

What about you? do you have a favorite profile?



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