Being part of the event industry does mean that you are aware it is constantly evolving. In other words, events are taking place everywhere in different shapes, with different purposes and massively including new technology. That is the gorgeous part isnʼt it?

Vinocamp (new gen event) took place in Bordeaux this week end and I had a chance to be there, attended amazing workshops, met great people. What we had in common was our interest in developing, questioning, creating ways of using social media into the wine business.

The most difficult part in Vinocamp (see BarCamp) is to make a selection amongst various workshops going on at the same time. I decided to pick up topics based both on my interests and my experience.
12.00 #workshop1 focused on how tricky it can be for a winemaker to include or even imagine adding social media to his environment. If producing great wines is his/her unquestionable know-how, spending time on Twitter or Facebook remains the hard part, needless to add sounds like entering into a mysterious room. Between early-adopter winemakers with a strong e-reputation vs doubtful wine producers, the debate was interesting. In the end, we could clearly understand that bridges still need to be built between 2 worlds that obviously would love to meet each other. But how? senses, terroir, gravels vs technology … Mmmm…That is a long story and we wrote down some pages….
14.30 Dashing to #workshop2 & #workshop3 after a lunch break and a good cup of coffee, I entered into the room where there is no place for qualms: experts are sharing their views on ROI (eg return on investment) Freaky word? well, if you are planning to spend time on Twitter, you have in mind to boost your sales …. in a certain way. Referring to bridges, you realised that the intense debate going on there was on technology, technology and
… technology. No doubt that it can appear fearful to a winemaker who knows that there is something to be done. But “what, when, how, where?” “New technologies are emerging constantly” “Did you hear that this tip is no longer useful?

Oh My God! Oh My Wine! Oh…!

An amazing synergy grew up all through these days: I am a wine producer and all what I want is to sell my wine, show my know-how and share my passion vs I am a wine aficionado and I would to love drink the best wine ever. Where can I find it? Not on the internet firstly, but I guess that if I find there interesting details about the wine producer, the terroir, where can I buy it, divine matching dishes, other types of wines I may want to discover … well, it helps and of course I would share THIS (wine) experience.

For me, the essence (e-ense?) of Vinocamp lies down there. Any pointer?


#Vinocamp Bordeaux

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A big thank you to Florence Hivert & Victoria | auntie jo | Miss Vicky Wine | Hervé Sanchez@Oenovie, l’Art de Cultiver | | Sophie | Christian Holthausen |


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