Website vs blog ? what is good for your business ?

We assume that companies need to build their e-reputation to run their business properly, just like their competitors do.

Referring to event businesses, while website is a must-have, when discussing about building up a blog and/or boosting online reputation:

Here are some “why not?”
> A blog will bring online the image of a vivid company, wishing to create real relationships with its customers.
> A blog will generate traffic onto your website, if you post regularly and communicate about it when appropriate.
> A blog will surely show your expertise into the industry.

Here are some “well, ok, but…”
>How much it will cost ? not that much as you already run a website and we are speaking here of investing on your image.
>Who will take care of this ? in-house ? agency ? The debate is always animated, but you will have to define exactly your goal so as to gather resources to do it well.
>It is a teenage thing, I do not want to waste my time ! Type in Google the name of your company and look at what comes up. Is there here or not an opportunity to add value to the service you are providing ?

Choosing the right balance, choosing the right tools, choosing the right tone, it is up to you to make the right choice.



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