In social media, there is “social”!

When diving into the social media sphere, you will soon realise that it is constantly evolving. One thing does not change : the aim is to create contacts.

Let socialize then ! How? well, we all know…

Stay focused : type of contacts, tone, keep it fitted to the tool you use and to your goal. Bring something : it is easy to feel apart when not getting answers/comments ; the best way could be to keep an eye on one’s interests and participate, as if you are in a room full of people you would like to discuss with, during a networking event.

Going further, social media sphere is the ideal place to create a community, your community : not by adding all the existing applications one by one, not even shouting outloud “here is the next big thing, you MUST sign up!” but using social media smartly can be an amazing groundfloor to develop ONE single project including involvement of many professionals having the same goal : an example here Viewpointr, developed by Jason Williams, Andre Charoo (and team), an online Q&A platform where you can help people, in a very simple & smart scheme.

Plus, it can be oriented to events, the ones you will set up when you feel the need to create face-to-face meeting, involving partners, collaborators (implementing a specific scheme, if necessary).

Whether you run your own business and/or be part of a company, you will need both : work on your side AND share -through a dedicated platform, ideas, time, projects … with your peers in … design, green-oriented projects ?

What else ?



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