Are your events green enough ?

Travelling to Hong Kong within a few days for our (upcoming) Wines & Spirits show, I was thinking about the city itself as an amazing environment and what we (Events organizers, coming from overseas) could keep in mind in terms of sustainibility.

-Print only what is necessary

Store (as much as possible) useful information in a flash drive and on … your web site !

Create pdf documents that attendees must print (proof of payment, registration voucher) in a “green” format (A4 is a maximum; if not applicable, mention that double-sided printed documents are acceptable).

Share guidelines with attendees by sticking them on the reception area walls. Generally, what attendees need will be as simple as a supplier phone number ? (that they may dial directly), openings hours ? (they write them down or keep it in mind if it is a 1-day visit), location of an ATM ? (be given proper directions is what they are waiting for).

Walk (whenever possible) from your hotel to the venue. You will wake up earlier, clean your ideas on your way to the show and certainly discover the city … at once !


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